Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senior Night Festivities

GW Volleyball’s Senior Night 2010 match was this past Sunday. This unfortunately marked the end of our 2010 season and the collegiate volleyball careers of three GW seniors who are loved both on and off the court. Senior night is always high anticipated because it’s the last home match of the season and is a fantastic way to show our seniors just how much we appreciate and love them.

First of all, the freshmen on the team are in charge of decorating the locker room using any theme they want. Last year, when I was a freshman, our theme that we chose was “Seniors Gone Wild” and we decorated with a jungle theme. We bought stuffed animal monkeys and hung them in a net from the ceiling, put paper trees all over the walls, among other things. This year, the freshman chose the theme of “Senior Santas” and decorated with Christmas decorations. They used cotton balls for snow, a light up snowman, Christmas lights, ornaments, and tons and tons of glitter. And I mean TONS of glitter. It was everywhere and still is. Here are some pictures of the locker room decorations:

Senior Santas in Front of Door to winter wonderland

Candid Shot of freshmen emerging from the winter wonderland

Winter Wonderland
This year, someone made senior night 2010 t-shirts and on the back was one of the seniors’ last names. I, personally, was on team Hill and proud of it (but I love all my seniors equally). We also created memory books for the seniors, where everyone writes a page to the seniors talking about favorite memories/how much they will miss them. Every year someone also makes a slideshow filled with pictures of the four years they spent here at GW, which is always a favorite. In addition, we usually give them a few other gifts that vary from year to year. Lastly, right before the game, all the seniors are honored in front of the crowd filled with their friends, family, and students fans here at GW. As you can see, Senior Night for volleyball is looked forward to every year and not just by the seniors. We feel that it is extremely important to show how much they mean to us and how much we will miss them next year. And we wish them the very best! Long story short, WE LOVE OUR SENIORS!!!
Team Hill!
Next Up are pictures of me and the three AMAZING seniors:

Lastly, here is a picture of them being honored before the big match:
These three are irreplaceable and will be missed next year!


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